Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing A Belly Belt During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be totally uncomfortable. Not only that you have to bear with many skin and other health concerns, you also need to manage your changing body as well. If not, the day will continue to drag you down and depression may creep in, which will not be good for you and your baby. It’s a good thing that you can always ask for support from your primary and secondary care providers. Still, you will need to rely on yourself in many cases. For instance, in choosing the proper maternity wardrobe that will make you feel as comfortable as the baby inside your tummy grows.

It won’t be easy to go about doing your daily tasks if your clothes are ill-fitted. Imagine your pants are either too tight or too loose. It will make you feel uneasy and be going about your daily activity will be challenging. It might take you longer to finish a task if you have donned a garment that fits you well and makes it easy for you to move about your arms and legs wherever you need to go and whatever you need to do.

If you are on a tight budget and splurging for a new wardrobe is not on your pregnancy list, buying a few belly belt for pregnancy will prove to be a great help. Many expecting moms confuse a belly belt from a belly band. These are two different pieces of garments. The belt, like the belly band, is tied around the abdominal area to provide support for the baby and the lower back.

The Belly Belt is NOT a Belly Band

However, the belly band is designed to be wider so it can cover the whole tummy area.  It is primarily used to hold the pants up, however. That means an expecting mom who would rather use her pre-pregnancy wardrobe won’t have to buy new sets of clothes. She would just have to slip on the belly band on her waist and cover the unzipped or unbuttoned pants and no one will notice that she is wearing tight jeans. That’s a pretty smart solution for one of the major concerns of a pregnant woman.

The belly band is basically used during pregnancy. The belly belt, on the other hand, may also be worn after giving birth. Some suggest that wearing one will help abdominal muscles that got separated to heal faster. Whether you find wearing a pregnancy belt helpful or otherwise, it may be noteworthy to consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a belly belt for pregnancy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing a Belly Belt

  1. Wearing a belly belt eases some of the pains that an expecting mom experiences, especially during the second trimester of pregnancy. Although the morning sickness and fatigue that are common during the first three months of your pregnancy have already waned off, there is a different challenge that you will be facing for the next three months of your pregnancy.

During this period, your baby is growing quickly. Even though you may feel a lot better now, you will have to endure pains as the baby inside your tummy continues to grow every day. A backache will now be more prevalent as the weight that you have gained during the past few months put pressure on your lower back. During this stage, the pregnant mom is described to waddle and not walk as the extra weight makes it difficult to walk properly. This also puts pressure on the joints, ligaments, and muscles on her lower back.

She may also experience a condition known as the round ligament pain. This ligament connects the groin to the front area of the uterus. The growing baby in your tummy moves and changes position and these put pressure on the round ligament. One clinical study indicated that 71 percent of women experience lower back pain, while 65 percent endure pelvic pain during their pregnancy.

Those who wear a belly belt will allow the pressure to be spread over a greater area and lessen the pain that an expecting woman may feel at a time.

  1. Wearing a belly belt will lessen the physical pain that a pregnant may experience while doing regular daily activities. There are many pregnant women who opt to continue working until the last term of their pregnancies. With a heavy uterus and other pregnancy-related conditions to deal with, any task may not be easy to accomplish. Any physical pain that a pregnant woman may feel may also affect her mood. This, in turn, will affect the baby. It will be an endless cycle that she and her baby will have to go through. With a belly belt or a belly band securing the baby and her back, a pregnant woman will feel a lot better.
  2. Wearing a belly belt will provide external cues for proper posture. The extra weight on your tummy will cause you to over-extend your back. You might not even notice that you are already slouching. Pregnancy will also make your core muscles weak. Wearing a belly belt or belly band automatically sends signals to your brain to correct your posture when you are walking, standing, sitting, or doing any other daily activity.
  3. If you need to wear a belt, this will be an added expense. The expense will be a little less than you would need for a new pair of pants, shorts or skirt. Still, you will have to spend a few bucks for some good quality belly belt.
  4. It may not look good under a tight-fitting upper garment. If you are a fan of tight fitting tees or blouses, slipping on a belly belt may not be a pleasant thing. The same thing is true if you are wearing an upper garment that is made from a thin material. Another thing to consider is the velcro closures that most belly belts have. These may get stuck on the thread of your upper garment, so you need to be careful when putting them on.
  5. Wearing a belly belt may cause you to be over-dependent on it. Health experts recommend wearing belly belts and bands for up to two hours only for a single wearing.

Your growing tummy is a sign that your baby is getting bigger every day. You can either celebrate that fact or get worried that you won’t fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes anymore. The latter will definitely be a better choice. You can just opt for a belly belt to ease out any accompanying pain that your condition may bring. This will be a win-win solution for you and your baby and will make every waking day a thing to be looking forward to.

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